Unique Fusing Glass


Through the technique of fusing and thermoforming, we have created a line of elements that includes plates, bowls, trays and wall lamps. Always moving between the decorative and the functionality.

The compositions range from geometric, irregular and volumetric shapes. Seeking to breathe a balance between originality, personality, winks to the collective visual memory and where color makes the viewer’s sensations to vibrate.

With these sculptural lights, where the composition and coloring have a strong presence, we have aimed to create an element that works both illuminated and not. Where the light element transforms it into an incident point that changes with the rest of its setting.

In line with the learning of Fusing technique, we consider the exploration and acceptance of any imperfection as a way to create singular, unique and unrepeatable pieces. Where the error defines a formal and personal style to this new collection of glass elements.


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