Papyrus Lamp edition


Manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies such as laser cutting and assembled by manual craftsmanship. On this occasion we have used only papyrus as a support; a common and honest material normally used for the production of lampshades for its resistance, warmth and good light propagation.

The stroke component is a very important element in shaping the character of the piece. Each perforation corresponds to a unique hand-drawn shape, vectorised in a 2D file and then laser cut.

Again, the final result is a process between 2D and 3D. Where the use of advanced technologies such as laser cutting, aesthetically provides a digital narrative and on the other hand it requires the manual work of the craftsperson to be assembled.

The lamp has a double inner shade, which provides a very uniform ambient light while emphasising and allowing the reflection of the perforations in it.


We’ve added this new style to our Glass Lamp collection. Inspired by silhouettes that follow the brand’s universe, we have modified the surfaces creating amorphous and random shapes where each piece is completely unique. Proving dynamism, these distortions, therefore, make a unique and singular play of light and shadows.

The lampshade brings another texture: the papyrus. Papyrus canvas carry an organic and warm mixture in contrast to the coldness and luster of the glass.
The monochrome of the compositions unifies the diversity of materials, brings subtle nuances of color, and confers fullness to the piece.

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