Glass Collection

Photography by Isabella Vacchi

This collection is an approach to the technique of working with glass. For this purpose, we have been working together with an artisan, getting to know the different techniques and examining the possibilities and limitations of the material in order to arrive at designs that follow the line of work of LOD.

The result is a series of sculptural pieces where the combination of the techniques that make up the sculpture mark a dual character between the geometric and the organic.

This new material brings another layer of tones and textures to the project. The transparency and the light of the glass will bring another discourse and will coexist with other materials and textures like those of the ceramics.For this occasion the palette of colours: smoked tobacco, cream yellow and pearly, participate in a game of tonalities where to take a walk by the vintage of the smoked, the luminosity of the cream and the modernity of the nacre.

They have been hand crafted by local artisan ceramists in Spain.

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