Leather Baskets Collection


New incorporation of leather as a base material to create lifestyle elements.This fabric, worthy of its organic origin, is used to develop a new range of containers beyond its decorative characters: organize and possibly save and store our personal belongings.The malleability per se is remodeled by and through the knowledge of leather craftsmanship. 

The pieces, applied to geometries and volumes not original to the 2D nature of the material, are an application of neo-craftsmanship. They are mold in 3D, cut under CNC technology, and assembled by hand.

Following the brand’s mission of combining artisanal methods with contemporary creation. In the process, a craftsman figure is of fundamental significance since the experience and knowledge concerning the material is part of the success of the technique of the final piece.

These elements, shown as accessories, are a hint to fashion.  Architecture’s lines and pure geometry become organic. A versatile and dynamic sense of compositions and interaction aims to form a small combination of elements to be part of our living space.


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